Transforming Organizational Cultures One Attitude at a Time
by Turning Complaints into Contributions


Imagine the impact upon our organizations, our families and communities, and our world if billions of complaints were to be transformed into positive expressions of gratitude and commitments to take action – and contributions to worthy causes. Not to mention the personal benefits:

  • You will be more optimistic
  • You will be more courageous
  • You will be more resilient
  • You will be a better parent
  • You will be a better friend
  • You will be a better caregiver
  • You will be a better manager and leader
  • You will be more productive
  • You will be wealthier
  • You will be happier

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How it Works

The Pickle Challenge is very simple. Set a time to implement the Pickle Challenge and let the staff know the charity the pickle money will be donated to (have a vote to pick the charity). In the period leading up to that week people will participate in pickle jar decorating contests and other fun activities to promote awareness. During the Challenge week people will “fine” themselves and others for complaining and gossiping, with proceeds going to your designated charity.

It’s Fun!

In the weeks leading up to The Pickle Challenge you will see an incredible burst of creativity as people participate in pickle jar and pickle cake decorating contests, decorate their work areas, and engage in a whole host of fun pickle-related activities. The only limit is people’s imaginations.


What's included in the The Pickle Challenge Starter Kit

In order to achieve optimal impact have Values Coach support your effort with The Pickle Challenge Package. The Package includes:

  • Introductory video by Values Coach CEO and Head Coach Joe Tye.
  • Video webinars on the personal and organizational costs of toxic emotional negativity and how to get the most from The Challenge.
  • 5 copies of the book Pickle Pledge: Creating a More Positive Healthcare Culture – One Attitude at a Time by Joe Tye and Bob Dent.*
  • 5 Pickle-Free Zone Door Hangers and 5 Pickle-Free Person buttons.*
  • Cost: $95.00 (plus free shipping)
*Additional Service: Before-and-after Culture Assessment Surveys using the proprietary VCI-16 with follow-up consulting reports with comparison, observations and recommendations. Contact our office for additional details and cost.
* Additional books, buttons and door hangers are available from Values Coach


Midland Memorial Hospital achieved an annual cultural productivity benefit of $7.2 million with The Pickle Challenge for Civility

In the follow-up Culture Assessment Survey 63% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that their work units were more positive, 87% agreed or strongly agreed that they themselves had more positive attitudes, and the perceived number of hours wasted on complaining, gossiping, and other forms of toxic emotional negativity had been reduced by half.


Our goal is to raise one million dollars for charities by turning 4 million complaints into contributions. With just the first 30 participating organizations we are over $60,000 toward that goal – and Values Coach has contributed more than $20,000 in matching donations. Please join us!

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