The Florence Prescription for Your Team

This is a year where showing appreciation has never been more needed.

The new post-pandemic edition will include a special section on applying principles of The Florence Prescription to extraordinary circumstances like those we are facing today. Visit our Resources section for a FREE study guide, Certificate of Commitment, webinars and more.

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Invite Joe Tye, CEO of Values Coach, to inspire and inform your organization. Joe, a passionate and humorous keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant helps hospitals, corporations and associations stimulate a caring culture of ownership. Invite him to your next event or schedule a virtual presentation.

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  • “Loved the style of this book so powerful yet a quick and easy read. The staffing shortages are causing a decline in our healthcare systems. Let’s fix it!!”
  • “This book is excellent in communicating the importance of cultural changes in work environment to improve employee and consumer morale. It is being utilized at my facility and hopefully my company.”
  • “Every healthcare professional should read it.”
  • “This book isn't just for nurses or medical professionals. If you need a little motivation to seek out the things that matter most in life, you should read this book.”


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