Give the gift to your people that is also an investment in your organization.

With more than 500,000 books in over 1,000 healthcare organizations, The Florence Prescription is a manifesto for a more positive healthcare culture. Start now by giving every employee The Florence Prescription to launch an organization-wide movement for a more positive and productive culture of ownership. At just $5 per book The Florence Prescription is the gift to your people that is also an investment in your organization. Visit our Resources section for a FREE study guide, Certificate of Commitment, webinars and more.

Custom editions of the book are available. Click here to see Examples of Executive Forewords.

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Invite Joe Tye, CEO of Values Coach, to inspire and inform your organization. Joe, a passionate and humorous keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant helps hospitals, corporations and associations stimulate a caring culture of ownership. Invite him to your next event. Download More Information>


The Florence Prescription, Self Empowerment Pledge Wristbands & Pickle Free Zone Door Hanger. Three personal power tools that can change your life and transform your organization at a special package price of only $10. A great gift idea for a co-worker or the entire team.



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