The Florence Challenge, and The Florence Prescription: From Accountability to Ownership, will help you foster an organizational culture that is more Emotionally Positive, Self Empowered, and Fully Engaged. The resources on this page will help you make sure that it’s more than just a book or a program, but rather that it sparks a movement to recommit to the Spirit of Florence in your organization.


Leader’s Implementation Guide

This 10-page PDF document is an illustrated overview of the steps for optimizing the impact of your investment in The Florence Challenge, including real world examples of strategies that participating organizations have used to foster a more positive and productive culture.


Florence Highlights

This 6 page PDF document contains the highlights from The Florence Prescription book.


Study Guide for The Florence Prescription

This 146-slide PowerPoint presentation is ideal for sparking a dialog about how the principles described in The Florence Prescription can be applied to your organization. It is useful for management meetings, books clubs and lunch-and-learn sessions, and other formats. These slides can be downloaded and customized for your organization.



Downloadable Certificate of Commitment

Asking people for a visible public commitment to embrace The Florence Challenge is one of the most powerful ways of assuring a sustained impact. Download and print this certificate then ask your people to each sign one and post them in a public place as an ongoing reminder of your collective commitment to a work unit that is emotionally positive, self empowered, and fully engaged.



The Self-Empowerment Pledge Wrist Bands & Pledge Card

The Self-Empowerment Pledge Wrist Bands and included pledge card are a reminder that these 7 simple promises will change people’s lives in every dimension – personally, professionally, financially, and spiritually. And if enough people at your organization make a good faith effort to live these promises, you will better serve your customers, patients, community, and your people will better support each other.



Examples of Executive Team Forewords for The Florence Prescription



Midland Health Case Study on Values and Culture Project




The Thought Not Taken Poster


Memories of the Future Guidebook

The Memories of the Future Guidebook

Define your future by your dreams and not by your memories, by your hopes and not by your fears.




How do you get everyone to be on the same culture page?



PledgePartner Agreement



Case Study

Midland Memorial Hospital






Complementary webinars

These webinars are designed to complement and optimize your efforts to promote The Florence Challenge within your organization (or your part of the organization).  New titles will be added on a regular basis and include:



Downloadable Posters, Buttons, and Documents

You can download a growing array of posters and documents to help you optimize The Florence Challenge including:

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Download the Culture Mapping Schematic Wheel


1-Mondays-Promise 2-Tuesdays-Promise 3-Wednesday-Determination 4-Thursdays-Promise 5-Fridays-Promise 6-Saturdays-Promise 7-Sundays-Promise