The Florence Challenge

The Florence Challenge is more than just a book, more
than just a program: it’s a movement!

By signing a Florence Challenge Certificate of Commitment, your people
are promising themselves and each other to be:

  • Emotionally Positive
  • Self Empowered
  • Fully Engaged


The Florence Challenge helps propel Star Valley
Medical Center to being one of the top 20 critical
access hospitals in America.

Proceed Until Apprehended and The Self-Empowerment
Pledge have been woven into the fabric of Star
Valley Medical Center in Wyoming, one of the Top 20
critical access hospitals in America.

Florence herself made an appearance at the
Values Coach Florence Challenge booth in
the exhibit hall of the AONE conference in Orlando.

(Florence played by Nancy Hilton, Chief Nursing Officer
of St. Lucie Hospital in Florida, which gave copies of
The Florence Prescription to their employees).

The Florence Commitment enhances
employee engagement and patient satisfaction!

Palmetto Health and Maine Medical Center
are among the hospitals where Certificates of
Commitment for The Florence Challenge are
proudly posted on nursing unit bulletin boards.


CELEBRATE NURSES & HOSPITAL WEEK with the Florence Challenge!

With over a quarter of a million books in over 500 healthcare organizations, The Florence Prescription is a manifesto for a more positive healthcare culture. Start now by giving every employee The Florence Prescription to launch an organization-wide movement for a more positive and productive culture of ownership.

At just $5 per book The Florence Prescription is the gift to your people that is also an investment in your organization.

Visit our Resources section for a FREE study guide, Certificate of Commitment, webinars and more.


Actual reader comments posted on

  • Really puts in perspective the administrative & bed side of nursing. Quick read. I would highly recommend this book to experienced & new nurses!

  • I assigned The Florence Prescription for my Nursing Leadership and Management class. They loved the book. It was the first time in all my years of teaching nursing that students were very appreciative of an assignment. Every paper was accompanied by words of appreciation for assigning this book to read. The students commented the book was going to have an impact on how they practice nursing. This book is an absolute must read for all nursing students.

  • After reading The Florence Prescription I purchased the book for all of our clinicians doing homecare and hospice visits. The message in this book is appropriate in all patient care settings across the continuum of care.

  • I recommend that every nurse as well as every manager, CEO, CNO or any professional that has any nurse working for or with them in any facility should read this book. As a nurse, I am appalled that there are many nursing leaders have forgotten what the Florence Nightingale first taught about what the true foundation about nursing starts with.

  • Everyone who works in healthcare should read this book. It should be required reading for all hospital CEOs and all nurses!

  • I found the book to be a great tool so I purchased a copy for our leadership team. Highly recommend.

  • I was asked to evaluate this book for our hospital and quickly discovered that it was a valuable resource for all of our employees. After evaluating it with our department leaders, we decided that each employee should have a copy to read and apply to their work and personal lives. While it is geared toward healthcare, the lessons can be applied in any industry or any walk of life... This book has led to the development of a program for a Culture of Ownership at our institution... The Florence Prescription is just the first step in our Cultural Transformation, but it has become the guide for the environment that we want to create.

  • This is a must-read for anyone in the healthcare setting. Even if you aren’t a manager or administrator, this book encourages you to return to what brought you to the field in the first place and helps you bring those values to your daily work. I want to slide it under the doors of my entire management chain to inspire change that benefits the patient and the employees. A delightful, uplifting read.

  • Suggest all managers read and learn from The Florence Prescription, will strongly encourage my staff to read it and moving forward it will be required reading for new hires.

  • I liked the way fact and fiction were mixed to create a very entertaining and informative book. The story was set in a hospital that could have been anywhere and anyone’s place of employment. I highly recommend this book to anyone involved in healthcare.

  • Although the setting is a fictional hospital with fictional employees and situations, the essence of the story is the importance of being patient-centered in everything that we do.

  • A humbling look at how much we as healthcare workers need the renewed sense of purpose that comes from doing the right thing for the right reasons. Truly an inspirational piece of work from one of the master storytellers.

  • This book is so real to the hospital daily world job, all the upper level nursing managers and administrators should read it. Patient satisfaction will rise in every healthcare setting around the globe as soon as CNO, CEOs understand that nursing is a professional to demonstrate love and dedication while delivering patient care not just compassion… Excellent book to read during healthcare changes and future uncertainty.

  • I highly recommend it for all health care leaders but would love for it to be required reading for every nurse manager.

  • Anyone employed by a healthcare facility from the laundry room up to the executives should read this book. Become invested in your place of employment and watch how it activates change. Tye focuses on the heart of the matter in an unforgettable and reader-friendly format. If you care about your place of employment, reading this will encourage you in your endeavor. If you don’t care, you will by the time you finish reading this book.

Invite Joe Tye, CEO of Values Coach, to inspire and inform your organization. Joe, a passionate and humorous keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant helps hospitals, corporations and associations stimulate a caring culture of ownership. Invite him to your next event.

Give the Gift of Lasting Change

The Florence Prescription, Self Empowerment Pledge Wristbands & Pickle Free Zone Door Hanger. Three personal power tools that can change your life and transform your organization at a special package price of only $10. A great gift idea for a co-worker or the entire team.





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